Exquisite Experiences That Move and Inspire!


 Exquisite Experiences that Move and Inspire!


We really don’t invite our friends, family and associates to an event to just entertain them. We invite them to create and havea meaningful, memorable experience.

Weddings and events are unique living entities, a flow of intentional mind and heart. They are expressions of the collective consciousness of those present. It takes much more than even talent and expertise to touch and reveal that. 

Love's Events is simplifying and enriching weddings and events by providing rich and memorable Master of Ceremonies, Officiant, and music program services that your and your guests will absolutely love. You'll forever remember your big day or event with a big smile. Our vision is the creation of your deepest hearts desire while our purpose is to engender the feel and experience best for you. This is what we do because it's who we are. We are passionate about life's celebrations and honored to be part of them. In today's world, live gatherings become ever more significant than ever fostering connection and meaning in our lives and we're humbly honored to play a role in that. 

Crafting cohesive, memorable and successful events is wonderful and I'm fortunate to do what we do. If attendees enjoy and especially speak about it later, that's likely a great measure of success. Fundraisers will enjoy record returns when attendees are having a relaxed and fun time. Having the right person at the microphone is critical to the feel and flow of any gathering. Guiding with intuitive ease, rhythm and timing makes all the difference for a seamless and memorable experience. I'll help you clarify the experience you intend and collaborate an approach to create it. It's AS MUCH about allowing an experience to unfold as it is about planning. The sweet spot where intention, imagination, and preparation converge is where the magic happens. I'm delighted you're here and look forward to collaborating and crafting love at your event soon! 


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