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I have many years of experience, passion and expertise I'd love to share with you. As a busy professional, I have the utmost respect for your time. If you wish to determine if we're a great fit, then let’s connect soon. Please call or email and provide your phone number on your FIRST inquiry so we can efficiently take action together. I am happy to begin with emailing only although speaking as immediately as possible will save us both time. Inquiries that do not include a phone number cannot be handled with the same urgency as those that do. Weekend dates during the wedding season (May-September), fill quickly. If you are looking for fee quotes, I can best determine this by learning as much about your needs, desires and budget as I can for which speaking is best. Conversing also works magic for your comfort and confidence. You’ll find helpful pricing information on my services page. I offer special pricing in partnership with some venues, designers and planners, but certainly can't can't make cost accomodations for you if we don't speak. I look forward to connecting with you soon!

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I accept check, cash and secure electronic payments via Venmo and Square $Cash. I'm happy to accept all major credit cards or PayPal payments for a 3.75% surcharge. 
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