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Live music is, naturally, a wonderful addition. From the elegance of a string quartet playing during arrivals, to a cover band for your reception, live artists certainly add an elegant touch. For those not going this route, nothing is necessarily perceived as missing; live music is fantastic but not a necessity. A great music program and sound system, however, IS! (SO is your Officiant, Master of Ceremonies and DJ!) The most memorable gatherings are so because of the synergy created by a great DJ who is part host, part connector and part music program provider with a natural talent for drawing everyone into the fold and an attentive ability to cater to broad musical tastes. This is what I craft and provide. Even clients who have hired live music for the early part of the evening have used my DJ services for the fun times later. I've also partnered with various live performers including dueling pianos. 


Nothing is more critical for the memorable feel of any event than having the right DJ/Emcee. I have performed this combined role for fundraisers, swim meets, 5 and 10K runs, triathlons, music performances, sweet 16's, animal events and many receptions with sparkling success. It's an art to be point person while not being the center of attention. It's about facilitating collective attention toward a focal point in such a way that invites presence and engagement.

Matthew Love is amazing! I was the wedding photographer at a wedding he DJ'd last weekend. Not only is he entertaining but he knows how to get the crowd moving and dancing. He kept the reception flowing and orchestrated numerous photo opportunities for me. This guy rocks! He is just what you need at your event to help people relax and enjoy themselves. He's also very sincere and endearing. He personally gets involved with the guests and creates memories to last a lifetime. Fabulous job Mr. Love! You're my new favorite DJ by far!

Genevieve Marie Anderson                                                                                Genofevephotography

Providing event music programs for twenty years trained us to know how to balance the mix of party making FUN. It is not easy appeasing everyone when ages range from toddler to great grand parents, but I have the experience to balance the mix. This is YOUR party and what is going to work best will vary. Immediate song recognition is KEY, having tremendous brain response affecting mood, energy, and sense of pleasure. Studies have demonstrated that songs we're exposed to during our formative years shall forever remain ingrained in our neurology, so hitting the right mix of these triggers from different time frames is critical for the greatest enjoyment of all. I have attended gatherings where the musical theme remained primarily one genre or another, (aka hip hop, house or country) leaving some on the fringe. I recently overheard one grandmother of the bride ask her husband, "aren't they going to play any Elvis?"  

We should speak should you need only a DJ/reception emcee. You'll find a dynamic DJ with experience managing live crowds in varied contexts invaluable to crafting a fun time for all. Club DJ's and those engaged with mixing and arranging do not necessarily have the best skill set to light up your gathering. This requires natural connection and engagement skills; an intuitive party host who connects and interacts with your guests, shifts on a dime and reflects the tastes and mood of those present swiftly and that's what I do. If something's not working, a quick shift puts it on point. Typical DJ packages alone easily run from $1000 to $2000 and UP with additional fees for lights and other add-ons. I have very helpful planning information for you below on my packages page.

PA Sound Systems  

A discussion of audio in terms of watts only would be like a discussion of weight management in terms calories only; ridiculously insufficient. One would need to consider fiber and lipids, net carbs, fat:carb:protein ratio, exercise plans and execution, nutritional density, lifestyle and more for a proper discussion of weight goals. Likewise, for audio, one would need to include ohms, frequency range, speaker configurations and drivers, peak vs. continuous power usage, audio transducers and other factors. Don’t let a DJ wow you with a big watts number alone. Not only is that an output of the amplifier and not the speakers, but it will be irrelevant in many urban and outdoor venues with sound compliance standards. Just because you can do something, (ie drive 120 mph) doesn’t mean you should or will. There are also many digital alterations to audio such as the USB SoundWave 7.1 HD surround enhancer.

It’s also best to avoid discussions in terms of crowd size. A luxury car might accommodate four people just as many other cars will. It’s a different experience. In some circumstances for Platinum clients, both of the systems below may be used for ideal overall execution.

The core of any sound system is comprised of three fundamentals: the speakers, mixer and amplifier(s). 

                                                                                                                                                              Matthew was amazing to work with as the DJ/emcee for a wedding that I was the coordinator for. He's full of positive energy and so accommodating, you can't help but smile whenever you're with him. He stuck to the schedule, the notes that I prepared for him during the reception, and went above and beyond to be personable with the guests and be on top of the timeline. He's very detailed oriented and it was very reassuring to have him on the team. Thank you, Matthew! I hope to cross paths soon!

  Athena Galdonez                                                                                                                              Wedding Events by Athena

Platinum Sound System

Two Electro-Voice ZLX-12P loudspeakers controlled by the Mackie ProFX8v2 8-Channel Professional FX Mixer with USB

This requires 3 independent 120v power outlets; one to each component.


Gold Sound System 

Fender Passport Deluxe PD-250 Portable PA controlled by its own 4 channel 2 line mixer tower.

This requires one 120v outlet and is logistically ideal for smaller outdoor venues and yet richly and amply fills both indoor and outdoor gathering spaces of various sizes.


All DJ gigs include two, professionally mounted on a Chauvet lighting stand, full RGB color mixing 36 LED flat par can lighting arrays to light up your dance floor!

Six additional lighting arrays are available for platinum clients for any purpose desired, most often radiant accent and decor up lighting. 

HD Digital Projector and Large Screen

As a wonderful embellishment to your reception or party, I can provide an Epson VS220 high definition, high lumens digital projector and large screen (87” x 49”, 100” diagonally, 16:9 ratio) for display of client life slides, sharing your story or any other application. Finally for your dance party, a party visualizer (similar to the old ITunes “visualizer,” the Project M Music Visualizer Pro), may be projected onto the screen or wall, typically straight across your dance area as a unique spectacle in addition to dance lights. 

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