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"Full of Love and Positive Energy! "

- Anne Kintz 

Quyen & Anthony COORDINATED/OFFCIATED by Love's Events

The Club at Newcastle, Newcastle WA By Misty Greenery Films

1 Minute Highlight from Tony & Katie's Ceremony

Vanderveen Farm, Mt. Vernon WA  By Good Times Productions


Port Gamble Weddings, Port Gamble, WA

By Marius Photography and Video


The Ruins, Seattle, WA

By Like the River Films

"Amazing Diligence and Care!"

- Chip & Lindsey Frolich

We don’t invite people to an event to merely entertain them. We invite them to share a meaningful experience; the kind we remember. Weddings and events are their own living entity in a sense, created by the collective consciousness of everyone there. It takes more than even talent or expertise to reveal that.  

I know you want it to be FUN too! Believe me, so do I !

My vision is the creation of your heartfelt intention. This happens in many ways but most importantly by combining key services that most impact everyone's experience. 

If you ask someone about specifics of an event they attended last year like what the color palette was, what was served, or what was said, they won't be able to tell you. If they had a strong emotional response to one or more aspects you might get a brutally honest remark like, "that boring priest...I couldn't wait for it to end so I could get a drink." Someone else might say, "I don't remember what was said but it was the most amazing touching (or hilarious and FUN) wedding I've ever been to!" 

We retain experiences by the emotional charge attached to them. Our emotions are the "energy in motion" within us created by the release of neurochemicals. Have you ever crammed for a test then aced it? Awesome! Could you now or even remember exactly when you took it? Probably not because it had no emotional charge attached. For this work we want wonderful emotive responses in as many people aspossible. The best weddings and events are so because A), most people there understand we're social creatures who need meaningful connection and B), people had those wonderful responses. Some might be moved by an elegant ballroom with gorgeous flowers, décor and delicious food yet it remains far less likely they'll retain memories of those elements as opposed to feelings of joy and love for YOU. The significance of the person facilitating these feelings is monumental.  

In your experience at events, what made it or broke it? For me it's the human element. An event may have an announcer droning on, oblivious to the bigger picture and crowd while another has an engaging funny host keeping me interested moment by moment.

With deep appreciation to our clients and partners. We could never do it without YOU! 

Crafting fantastic events is rewarding. If attendees enjoy it, they'll talk wonderfully about it later while fundraisers enjoy record goals. For large events, having the right person on the microphone is critical. For small gatherings, having the right connector or facilitator is. It's as much about allowing as it is about planning. As we take each step together, we'll merge intention and preparation while just letting it be what it wants to be which can never be fully known ahead of time.  

A Few of our Corporate &Non Profit Clients 

Ask The Experts

It's typically easy to extract parts of a ceremony for a highlights video but this isn't the case with Matthew's. Every bit is moving and beautiful. He has a unique fresh approach, always bringing that extra something special. 

Matthew is an amazing officiant. He is among our preferred partners because he always delivers the best. His words are loving, thoughtful and unique to each couple. 

I've never met an Officiant who invested as much love, emotion and time getting to know the couples unique qualities. Matthew's uplifting spirit, attitude and personality shines as he incorporates these qualities thoughout the ceremony and reception. He truly is a Master of Ceremonies. 

Your Officiant, DJ, Master of Ceremonies & Coordinator!

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