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I have many years of passionate expertise I'd love to share with you. As a busy professional, I have the utmost respect for your time. If you wish to determine if we're a great fit, then let’s connect soon. Please call or use our contact form providing your phone number on your FIRST inquiry so we may efficiently take action together. I'm happy to begin with emailing or texting although speaking as immediately as possible will save us both time. Inquiries that do not include a phone number cannot be handled with the same urgency as those that do. Weekend dates during the wedding season (May-September), fill quickly. For fee quotes, I can best determine this by learning as much about your needs, desires and budget as I can. Not only is speaking best for this, it will also work magic for your comfort and confidence. You’ll find helpful pricing information on my PACKAGES  page. I offer special pricing in partnership with some venues, designers and planners, and cannot make fee accomodations for you if we don't speak. I look forward to connecting with you soon!

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