Mary Meyer

Owner,  Mary Meyer Life Fitness                                                                                        Founder/Producer, The Muddy Mutt Event                                                                                                       

Matthew is AMAZING - his creativity and ability to help make each event absolutely stellar is simply a part of his is just who he is. I receive numerous compliments and emails about the fabulous announcer I provide at my triathlon events and more recently, The Muddy Mutt Event. I truly put great trust into him, as the announcer seals the deal helping us provide a safe, enjoyable, fun oriented event. Matthew truly puts his heart, soul and highest intent into the events he is hired to work.I highly recommend him with great honor to anyone in need of Matthew's services.

THANK YOU from PNP Stars!

What a wonderful job you did!  We were so happy to work with you for this second year. Thank you for your willingness to be our Master of Cermeonies for the evening and with such panache and warmth.

Terri Richardson and Anne Dor                                                                                                                                                                            PTTS Co-Chairs 

Dr. Mary Crawford, DPM

Board President, Everett Animal Rescue Foundation                                                                                               Doctor of Podiatry, Ankle and Foot Clinics NW

Matthew has been the Emcee of our annual Golden Paw Gala for the past four years. He has been amazing at motivating the audience to participate in the event and has elevated our fundraising to a new height. We genuinely appreciate him and his infectious enthusiasm as well as his professionalism at the event. We hope to continue our relationship for all our future events for many years to come.

Lee Scovern

McCLure Middle School Parent and Auction Lead,                                                                                                                                     Owner, Working Wonders LLC

Dear Matthew,

I can't tell you how appreciative I am that you were able to help us out when our situation was dire. You stepped up, accepted the role of reader for our auction and just killed it. 

The night was a HUGE success in no small part due to your efforts.

Joseph Acosta

Owner, Ofit Gym

It’s been multiple occasions in which I’ve worked with Matthew Love at events I’ve produced and it’s quite a joy to count on his abilities and expertise as DJ/emcee. Organizing an event is not easy but knowing Matthew is in charge of the music and putting on a show becomes such a stress-free experience that I highly recommend. In addition to his skills, he always brings his charm to what he does which makes the event even more remarkable. For a DJ or emcee I leave it to the experts, which in this case is Matthew Love.

Martin Glenn 

Marketing Executive, T Mobile

I’ve had the good fortune of attending both small and large events where Matthew was the official DJ/emcee. Matthew has a great talent for connecting with audiences to build and maintain the appropriate energy level for each occasion. Seeing him in action over the years, I can personally attest he is a gracious and dedicated professional who is committed to ensuring your event is exactly as you expected.


Annette Herrick

Personal Trainer and Race Director, Owner, Fitness for Vitality

Matthew Love took my event to a whole new level. His fun-loving personality delights and engages the entire audience, getting them laughing, and enjoying the moment. I wondered in the beginning if I could afford his service, now I know in the end I can't afford not to.


Angela Prince

Owner and Branding Consultant, HERD Branding

Matthew is an excellent Master of Ceremonies. His charisma, strength, and LOVE reaches out to all who attend and draws them into the event or ceremony with comfort and joy. 

Courtnie Paschall

MD/PhD Student, UW Medical Student Association Member

Matthew DJ'd recently at our "Med School Prom" event here in Seattle. He played a great, flexible, and interactive music selection from cocktail hour through dancing into the last moments of the night. It is hard to keep a diverse crowd entertained, but Matthew did a fantastic job!

In fact, the event went so well that we had to kick people out at the end of the night when our venue closed! No wimpy ending at midnight for us. It was so well-attended, we are probably extending the hours of the event next year.

And, definitely rehiring Matthew!    

Thank you, "DJ Love" -- you were a great find!

Lori Campion
Keller Williams Realty Greater Seattle,  Volunteer and Philanthropy Chair

Matthew Love was a joy to work and a true professional. From the moment he took the stage to the bidding of a plate of cupcakes up to $120, he had the 200 plus crowd entertained and engaged. He was key to our first auction being a huge success. An absolute natural emcee, he was polished, energetic and quick witted. The evening was action packed and fun filled and we raised $20,000 for Seattle's homeless teen organization YouthCare. Thank you so much Matthew. It's no accident that his last name is Love; we loved him!

Anne Van Leynseele, Esq.
Partner, 7 Point Law

Matthew Love is an asset for any corporate function. He brings vitality and an awareness of the changing needs to an event that enhances the quality of the experience. Matt motivates a crowd to action in a fun, personable way that facilitates the success of any live gathering. 


Joseph Hill

Keller Williams Realty Greater Seattle,  Volunteer and Philanthropy Co Chair

Matthew was incredibly easy to work with as the emcee for our fundraising auction. He made himself available prior to the event for in-person conversations about what the event would look like, and on the day of the event Matthew arrived looking every part the professional MC we were hoping for!  With very little guidance during the event, he kept everyone in attendance engaged with the timing of the events, entertained with commentary, and helped bring a vivacious feeling to everything.  He even handled some spontaneous off-the-schedule moments during the evening with complete poise and confidence.  We would not hesitate to have Matthew do another event for us!

Amy Ferguson

Executive Director,  Animal Rescue Foundation of Everett, WA

We used Matthew for our fundraiser for the Everett Animal Shelter. We loved his humor and ability to go with the flow as it was a first year event. In fact, we hired some wonderful stand up comedians to entertain our audience and I received feedback from people who wanted more of Matthew! We are already looking forward to him hosting our next event!

Just as we anticipated, Matthew has quickly established himself as a steady and regular presence whom our supporters, vendors and benefactors come to delightedly expect! Our second year event saw a shift in the venue from the Everett Animal Shelter to the elegant Everett Golf and Country Club. We more than doubled our attendance and funds raised over our first year effort, thanks undoubtedly and in no small part to Matthew. Our board President and members are thrilled with him. While our entertainment will change year to year, we won't plan our annual fundraiser without locking Matthew down as its emcee and host.

Sarah Eckman 

Community Outreach Director,  Trilogy Chiropractic

I met Matthew Love at the Fitness for Vitality Seattle Run Series and now see him at even more events. He is the announcer and handles the music.  He is excellent, very charismatic and really keeps the crowd entertained!  It is amazing to experience; everyone loves him! I found myself looking forward to going back to the event for the 2nd and 3rd series because he made me laugh so much.


Jacqueline Sheppard 

ELITE Pro 8 Distributor,  Lifevantage Corporation

I seldom present Truescience skin care products without referencing Matthew Love. When he spoke in San Antonio, he brought a new "magic" to the product. While I absolutely loved Truescience and talked about the science behind it and the wide-range of benefits it offers, I had never seen it  as a high-glamour, celebrity product; useful and utilitarian but not "Rock Star." When he began to talk about it however, I realized that I had only begun to discover what it is and how it can be used to build my business. Matthew's knowledge, expertise, style, class and personality are usually not seen in MLM; instead it is found in cosmopolitan and haute design - the "rich and famous." We have an opportunity to cross into sectors of society where no MLM has ever gone. Matthew Love can cross those lines. 


Jeff Robinson

Owner,  5Focus Movement Studio

We "LOVED" having Matthew as our emcee for our annual event, the Lake Union 10k. He was punctual, prepared, professional and FUNNY! From the participants, vendors and photographers to the volunteers, everyone enjoyed having him at our event. His music and personality definitely enhanced the experience!  

Ilana Balint

Owner,  Run for Good Racing Company

Matthew is fantastic to work with. He is professional, fun and engaging with our audience and makes our events a total blast. He has a great sound system that is everything he promised and he knows how to work a crowd to make everyone feel good. We got very positive feedback from our sponsors, staff and participants about the music and the emcee. I suggest Matthew to my clients every chance I get!


Mark Handel

Adv Comp Tech at The Boeing Company 

I've had the pleasure of having Matthew as an announcer for the past two swim meets I've run as a meet director. I now book Matthew first, then find a pool -- he's that critical to the mood and energy of the meet. But, I'll let two of the swimmers at the swim meet talk about Matthew: 

"Please keep your announcer/DJ. He ROCKS!!!! I wish every meet had someone who could come close to his level of excellence!" 

"The announcer was awesome and kept the event fun and interesting. Music during the 400 IM and 500 free were a nice touch too. Didn't feel much like a swim meet."

Tom Freeman, MA, LMFT

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist 

Matthew has an extraordinary way of unifying a disconnected group of people and creating a cohesive and energized community. It is with great pleasure that I recommend him for any social or business gathering that could benefit from a charismatic master of ceremonies.


Michelle Anderson-Olivier  

Co Founder - weekday Rx

For the past few years, I've had the chance to see Matthew in action at Mary Meyer's Cottage Lake Tri series and he is a phenomenal Master of Ceremonies. He is charismatic, motivational and his entire "music experience" is some of the best I've heard! I always look forward to Matthew at every Cottage Lake Tri!


Kelly Stevens  

Field Service Engineer VI, HP 

Matthew served as Emcee for the Seattle Frontrunners Run and Walk with Pride Event for the last few years. The first year he was the emcee for the event, we (the organizing committee) were not well organized and Matthew came to the event and ran the event like a complete professional. He knew how to promote our sponsors best, based on dollar value and years of sponsorship. He did all this without our being properly prepared by our committee. He knew what we needed for the event day when we didn't. He gave our organizing committee feedback and helped us prepare our event in the following years, so we were more organized. Our day of event has run much smoother with Matthew's voice at the microphone. It is also more fun. 

Matthew's lively personality and fresh approach makes the event fun, rain or shine. He is able to handle the contests, results and race start in a professional manner, yet keeps the crowd amused. Our event has slow periods of time between 4K and 10K finishers arrive. He prepared historical information on our event, our club, and our mission and he entertains the crowd of friends and family. 

He is a joy to work with on events and always leaves me with a smile on my face. He is a genuine nice guy with a big heart!

Theresa Mottet  

Director of Sales,  Classic Escapes

Matthew is dynamic and personable. He brings passion, commitment and an amazing creative energy to everything he does. He is articulate in his words and refined in his physical presence. Matthew would be an asset to any organization.